Invicta Fighting Championships 1 – Live!

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Kristin’s Special Live Thoughts

Cassie Rodish vs Meghan Wright (105lb)

Round 1: It was quick and dirty. Some sloppy strikes and then a little sprawl and brawl. Cassie finishes it quickly with a guillotine choke. Meghan is not pleased, but thems the breaks. At the media table we thought it was a bravo choke but we couldn’t see clearly.

Sophie Bagherdai vs Ashley Cummins (115lb)

Round 1: Sophie comes out to the damn vamp-i-ah song. Do your thang girl. Big, big cheers for both Sophie and Ashley. Not a huge crowd but quite loud. Ashely jabs a few times and goes in for the single leg take down per ushe. They clinch against the cage and then she gets it. A little ground action. Sophie’s trying for the guillotine but no dice. Back to the feet and Ashley goes for the single leg again. Sophie lands a little gnp on Ashley crouched against the cage. Sophie’s getting the better of the stand up exchanges. Sophie stuffs the takedown. Ashley gets her against the cage again. There’s a takedown/potential armbar situation that I can’ t see clearly. Round ends with Sophie on her back. I give it to Ashley 10-9 for the takedowns.

Round 2: The spinning back fist is back in style and Sophie’s dressed for the season. Ashley’s having trouble getting inside with her strikes. Ashley keeps pushing forward. Ashley gets the takedown again against the cage. Ashley lands a little gnp, the crowd goes wild. Seriously, this Kansas crowd is cray cray. Ashley dominates round 2 with her wrestling, 10-9 again for her.

Round 3: Its a pitter pat round with both ladies landing equally but nothing life changing. Sofie goes for a spinning back kick that misses and Ashley moves in with strikes and goes for the TD. Works a while and then gets it. They go back to their feet. Sophie lands a nice right. Ashley’s starting to get her speed and landing counter punches. Last 10 seconds ends with some nice exchanges – knees & fists.

Result: Ashley Cummins defeats Sofie Bagherdai by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Mollie Estes vs Randi Miller (145lb)

Round 1: Mollie is walking out to Holla Back Girl. Yes! This shit is b-a-n-a-n-a-s! Hey! I just saw the ring girl. Her card is five sided. Those are my only feelings. She was funny earlier in the van ride over talking about tornadoes. There’s an ‘e’ in that? Randi stomps across the cage real confident. She throws a few strikes but is looking for the clinch. They’re clinching hard with the occasional hook and knees. Mollie landed a sharp elbow and a knees. Randi looks a little out of it. I think the wrestler will emerge. But Mollie is very prepared stuffing the takedown and getting the better of clinch. I did not expect a clinch-a-thon, but thats what we got. Both ladies are tough as nails. Randi was constantly pushing froward, but I think Mollie controlled the round and landed more. Give her the 10-9.

Round 2: Second verse same as the first. Randi stalks across the cage and they end up in the clinch. Randi’s just not sure what to do with the reach besides clinch. Randi goes for the takedown so hard she ends up on the ground and Mollie steps over her back and transitions to the armbar. Randi escapes and goes for the gnp. Crowd loves a good gnp. Mollie escapes and pushes back up to her feet. Crowd very impressed. They know their wrestling transitions. Randi gets the takedown, goes to side controls, then mount and starts landing hard. Mollie keeps rolling til she’s out of it. I give the round 10-9 to Randi. We got a fight ladies and gentlemen.

Round 3: They both look pretty wiped, but Randi continues to push forward. Wrestler cardio! Mollie looks a little scared after how the 2nd round ended. This fight is grueling and a bit sloppy on both accounts but the determination is inspiring. Randi gets the takedown off the fence again and moves to top where she works the gnp. Mollie just covers up and looks like the end. It is!

Result: Randi Miller defeats Mollie Estes by TKO in Round 3 at 3:23.

Michele Gutierrez vs Sarah Maloy (125lb)

Round 1: Michele walks out to Bad Reputation. Someone call Ronda! Sarah opts for American Woman — the Lenny version. Sarah is out of the gate like tiger. Tiger with superwoman punch skills! Doesn’t hit the mark but its got Michele backing up. Sarah could get a job as a traffic cone in the Castro district with that bright pink outfit. Michele is tentative just bobbing and weaving. Sarah is landing some kicks looking strong as hell. Michele teeps her hard to the chest pushing her down. Sarah is going big or going home. Big head kick and superwoman punch attemps. 10-9 for Sarah.

Round 2: More of the same but a little slower. Person in crowd just yelled, “somebody get somebody!” I agree. Both land off balance and send each other to the ground. Michele moves in for the gnp but changes her mind backing off. No one knows why. Sarah clinches and drops to the ground pulling her into her guard. Sarah tries for the armbar but Michele escapes and walks away #likeaboss. Weird round. Maybe Michele takes it? IDK.

Round 3: Sarah is chasing her throwing wild. Michele lands some nice counter 1-2’s. Neither lady can seem to close distance on the other. They seem to be swinging hands and feet from the outside a lot. Fights finishes out anticlimactically. Kind of ending on a sparring note. I’m thinking its Sarah by UD because of aggression.

Results: Sarah Maloy defeats Michele Gutierrez by Unanimous Decision.

The venue is trying to kill press row. The speakers are right in our ears and all of us are having to hold our ears closed just to get through. The announcer really, really sounds like the announcer on Price is Right. All I can think when he speaks is “This 5-piece dinette set features 4 handcrafted chairs with custom cushions and can be yours if… the price is right.”

Amy Davis vs Nidali Calanoc (105lb)

Round 1: They exchange a little. Nicdali goes in for the takedown and lands it. Amy works hard for the triangle but can’t get the right angle to secure it. Nicdali fights out and they go back to their feet and into a clinch. Lots of clinching tonight. Clinching is the new wrestling. People love to yell out “go (insert color here)!” Nicdali’s wrestling looks strong. Impressed with her progression. They exchange some punches to finish the round. I give the round 10-9 Nicdali.

Round 2: Nicdali stalks forward but not too much action. They go into the clinch. Nicdali does this spinning back away thing, then re-enters. Nicdali goes deep for the takdown and ends up in Amy’s reverse triangle of sorts. They work out of it and Amy gets a crucifix for like a sec and lands a few punches. Nicdali keeps working and goes back into a single leg. Amy uses the position to grab onto her left arm and land a deep kimura. Everything is deep about this fight. Not in a dirty way. Crowd seems kinda confused about what to do with the win. I’m not sure why. The announcer just said Kimura choke. Somebody slap me.

Results: Amy Davis defeats Nicdali Calanoc by Kimura in Round 2 at 3:47.

Sarah Schneider vs Sally Krumdiack (115lb)

Round 1: Sarah walks out to her song she wrote for this event. Veronica and I see the white tiger. Oh snap! Hold onto your shit people. Sally’s got a good a feeling. A feeling feeling feeling she’s never had before. Ooooh-no. A good feeling. Sally fires off landing a nice right. They go into standard issue clinch position. Sally is pushing strong against the cage. Sarah reverses position and then they reverse again. Sarah jumps guard and takes it to the ground. Sally is cut and they’re getting bloody. Sarah gets a triangle lock on Sally and pulls her arm under her arm pit. She works the triangle and then transitions the armbar and gets it. You can see her do this EXACT same thing in our G2 Summit video – Day 1. Check it out!

Result: Sarah Schneider defeats Sally Krumdiack by armbar in Round 1.

Vanessa Mariscal vs Sarah D’Alelio (135lb)

Round 1: A few exchanges then Sarah grabs onto her and rips her to the ground. Sarah gets her hooks in and flattens her out. Vanessa gets to her feet and Sarah jumps on her back. Sarah goes for gnp from the back. Sarah is riding her like a bronco. Vanessa is trying to escape but just can’t get out. Sarah’s going for the RNC. Vanessa lands a few elbows striking Sarah as she continues to stay attached to her back on the ground. Give the round 10-9 to Sarah for control.

Round 2: Both ladies are swinging. Vanessa is landing more. Sarah’s a little flat on her feet. Vanessa does a slow teep and Sarah shoots in taking it to the ground. Nice escape Sarah moves into mount and gnp. Vanessa gives up her back again. Sarah continues to land strikes from the top.Vanessa taps to strikes.

Result: Sarah D’Alelio defeats Vanessa Mariscal by TKO in Round 2.

Leslie Smith vs Kaitlin Young (135lb)

Round 1: Fighters exchange a few punches. Looks like Kaitlin is looking for the clinch. Leslie lands a big trip taking Kaitlin to the ground and staying on top. They end up back on their feet both hitting each other with hard kicks to the midsection, knees, fists to the face. Leslie catches Leslie with stiff jab to the jaw that leaves a little stunned for the remainder of the round. Of course, this doesn’t interrupt them knocking the shit out of each other.

Round 2: I don’t know what to say! Their exchanges are so even! Ahhhh!!!!! If they keep up this pace, they’re going to burn down my barn.

Round 3: Leslie lands a strong upper cut combo that sends Kaitlin diving for the single leg. She works and gets the takedown. Leslie find herself in an armbar situation. She works to escape… then I forget what happens… some nice transitions and then back to their feet. They finish out in the stand up. Kaitlin bloody from a cut to the hairline. I don’t know how to score this one! Winner? Everyone! They just burned down my mother f-in barn.

Result: Leslie Smith vs Kaitlin Young ends in a Draw. The judges couldn’t decide either. I’m not hatin’

Ashleigh Curry vs Liz Carmouche (135lb)

Round 1: Liz comes out like a beast. Throws and kicks and then takes it to the ground. She works it a little establishing top position and then finishes it with the gnp. Ref steps in to call it. Done and done.

Result: Liz Carmouche defeats Ashleigh Curry by TKO in Round 1 at 1:58.

Lisa Ward vs Jessica Penne (105lb)

Round 1: Very even exchange both on the ground and standing. Some good boxing from the girls, but Jessica’s footwork was proving to be superior. Lisa decided it was time to take it to the ground and did that in true wrestler style. They got back up and then Jessica landed a trip. They stood up again and Lisa went for the takedown. Lisa was on top but found herself in a armbar style submission being executed by Jessica’s legs. Very technical. Very flexible!

Round 2: Lisa’s heavy hands rocked Jessica a little and then Lisa went in to take it to the ground. They work through submission attempt after submission attempt, reversals, Jessica went for the armbar and Lisa stacked her and then lifted up for the slam. These are vets at their finest. Love it. Absolutely love it.

Round 3: They exchange. Jessica’s getting the best of stand up and then she lands a hard knee to Lisa’s nose. You can hear it snap all around the arena. Lisa takes it down. The fight is a bloody mess with blood pouring from Lisa’s nose! They’re grappling around but neither can get a hold of each other. Jessica gets on top of Lisa and works gnp. Lisa looks smothered. I think she can’t breathe from the blood. Ref steps in.

Result: Jessica Penne defeats Lisa Ward by TKO in Round 3.

Announcement time: Shayna Baszler vs Sara McMann main event next Invicta card July 28th!

Romy Ruyssen vs Marloes Coenen (145lb)

Round 1: Marloes is so ready to do this she ran back to her corner so they could start! Both approached tentatively feeling each out. Traded a few exchanges and then Romy went in for the clinch against the cage. I guess Romy was grabbing the cage cause the ref stopped it and took away a point. Started again. Went into the clinch and Romy jumped guard. Marloes stacked Romy against the cage and stayed close landing elbows. They ended up in stalemate with sort of an armbar submission attempt going on from Romy. The ref stood them up. I give the round to Marloes 10-8.

Round 2: Both girls seem kinda scared of each other’s stand up. They both move very tentatively towards each other. They ended up clinching a lot. Pretty obvious Romy wants to take this to the ground but Marloes is having none of it. 10-9 Marloes.

Round 3: Here’s the hot spots — Romy jumps guard against the cage again and holds Marloes in this body triangle and head around the neck position preparing to go to the ground and hit the guillotine. Marloes works and works and pops her head out and then elbows Romy so hard you here it slap the hell out of Romy’s jaw through the hall. They get broken up. They end up in clinch again. Marloes turns it off the cage and trips Romy slamming her against the mat. Clock goes 3, 2, 1 and Marloes struts away #likeaboss.

Results: Marloes Coenen defeats Romy Ruyssen by Unanimous Decision.


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