The 3 Female Fights You HAVE To Watch This Week!

Lucky you! Your weekend starts on Thursday this week. And if you’re from the good old U.S. of A, chances are you didn’t have to work Monday either. That means you only had to tolerate 2 days of the corporate machine before you could dive into a sea of refreshing WMMA. See now, that makes you ALMOST as baller as Nick Diaz for not showing up to his own press conference. It’s cool. You can still achieve that status by watching these must-see fights.

Thursday: Aisling Daly vs Angela Hayes

Aisling Daly vs Angela Hayes
Aisling Daly vs Angela Hayes

Angela Hayes is set to take on Aisling Daly in a 132lb catch-weight bout in Amman, Jordan. Right now, you may be asking yourself, “Where the *f* is Amman, Jordan?” Jordan sits snuggly in the heart of the Middle East between Israel, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. And the city of Amman sits in the heart of Jordan, close to the Israeli border. This is the first female MMA match to happen there. Let’s not pretend anyone is surprised by that fact. But let’s do acknowledge Cage Warriors for being total bad asses for holding a huge fight card there. Let’s also acknowledge that Angela’s fight name is Angela “The Bomb” Hayes, and that makes me smile. Angela started fighting back in 2006 only to go 1-5 in her first couple years. She took some time off and in 2010 returned with a vengeance winning her last 3 fights. You may remember her opponent Aisling from Cage Warriors, Bellator, current 125lb title holder for NAAFS, and being an awesome tweeter. Ash the Bash holds an 11-2 record and is coming off her title win victory over Jessica Eye.

This Cage Warriors match was originally slated to be Rosi Sexton vs Sheila Gaff. Rosi dropped out and was replaced by Angela Hayes. Then Sheila dropped out and was replaced on 3-days notice by Aisling Daly. Just like a blind date switch-up that pans out beautifully, I think this fight is going to be much of the same. Both women have secured a handful of submission victories, so their competency on the ground should be close. Between Ash’s brawler hands and Angela’s Karate past, I’m hoping for a standup battle.

The Breakdown… Aisling has got to watch out for Angela’s great cardio and guillotine pedigree, and Angela has to watch out Aisling’s heavy hands and RNC.

Where you can watch:
Thursday, September 8th. Live on, Main Card starting at 2pm ET / 11am PT

Friday: Munah Holland vs Michelle Ould

Munah Holland vs Michelle Ould
Munah Holland vs Michelle Ould

Jersey girl and Ring of Combat veteran Munah Holland will be taking on SoCal’s own Michelle Ould in a 130lb catch-weight fight in Atlantic City. Munah’s a bit of a brawler, first making waves on the WCL stage. Michelle holds a 5-3-1 record and has been refining her skills at Hendo’s Team Quest for the past year or so. Michelle finished her most recent opponent by 3rd round armbar, recording her first submission win. In June of this year, Munah beat her opponent by 2nd round TKO. Both women are coming off solid victories and should be in top form for this fight. And both women are gamers. “Thundercat” Michelle is scrappy as hell and super aggressive, constantly pushing the pace. Munah has no problem standing strong and trading hard punches. This may not be the cleanest fight of the week, but it damn well should be action-packed.

Side note: In Munah’s first MMA match, she took Kim Couture to decision. Do what you will with that information.

The Breakdown… Michelle has got to watch out for Munah’s powerful overhand right, and Munah has got watch out for Michelle’s guaranteed takedowns and aggressive groundwork.

Where you can watch:
Friday, September 9th. Live on  for $10 starting at 8:30pm ET

Saturday: Alexis Davis vs Amanda Nunes

Alexis Davis vs Amanda Nunes
Alexis Davis vs Amanda Nunes

This is a fight worthy of a Strikeforce main card, but alas, it’s been relegated to the prelims. Lucky for us, this time they’re actually showing the prelims on HDNet so I will stop my complaining here. Yay! Amanda Nunes is set to face Alexis Davis in a 135lb match that makes my heart soar. Alexis is probably my favorite of all Zuffa-negotiated fighter acquisitions. And Amanda is the little Brazilian powerhouse we’ve all been hoping for. Her quick finish of Julia Budd intrigued us and we’ve been waiting with bated-breath for her to get back in the cage. We haven’t seen a fighter as aggressive as Cyborg since, well, Cyborg. Amanda is picking up those Chute Boxe reins and riding high! But Canadian Alexis Davis is no weak-chinned sap. Her fight with Tara LaRosa showed that she can exchange with the best them. Plus, she apparently has an awesome secret clinch game that I was unaware of before her bout with Julie Kedzie. Not to mention, she’s a super slick grappler. There’s so much talent in this fight my head just might explode. I will keep my fingers crossed for an exciting back-and-forth battle!

The Breakdown… Alexis has got to watch out for Amanda’s fast, aggressive, TKO-inducing style, and Amanda has to watch out for getting shut down in the clinch.

Where you can watch:
Saturday, September 10th. Watch prelims LIVE on HDNet starting at 8pm ET.


(HONORABLE MENTION) Friday: Holly Holm vs Jan Finney

Holly Holm vs Jan FinneyOther than the wildly differing records, this fight is actually a good little match-up. Pro boxer Holly Holm is set to take on veteran Jan Finney in what I assume to be a 135lb bout. The fight has had startlingly little promotion done around it. I haven’t seen a fight weight listed or any general information about the event. There was supposedly a press conference today, but I can’t find any coverage of it. But it’s been a long day and I’m tired, so maybe I’m just not digging deep enough. The promotion holding the event, Fresquez Productions, maintains a site that basically looks like a shrine to Holly. So, yeah, I don’t know. It’s kind of sketchy. I DO know that neither Holly nor Jan are sketchy! I’m going to follow my gut and say, “If you’re in the Albuquerque area, get your booty down to Route 66 Casino and Hotel for a sure-fire entertaining and dynamic fight.”

Where you can watch: Friday, September 9th. Route 66 Casino in Albuquerque, NM starting at 7pm MT.

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